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I admit this part my look unimortent but think of it we need players the more the better we need it to be pupolar (if any one for any reason dosn't think so tell me)
ok the servers and opening games/game loobies are already handdeled by the master server section so:
what do we do here?
a lot of time pepole will want just to talk or find there friend before desiding on a game so here will deside how to go about it
actually thinking about it in such a project the cummnity is the one adding most of the features like adding turnoments, ladders, competitions, clans ect. altouth this are not imortent to start with they are certenly the parts which will atract the players so we do absolotly need them
as to meeting and chating I was thinking about irc as it can hanndle chat instent messaging (/msg) and be modurated as well as have privet rooms rooms my games or type of games allow finding people and knowing when they were last in
altough we are not going to do it yet (till we have some minmal working program) I think we sould try to make clans and ladders by combining forces with and mybe if they will realy have clans sometime we need some one to talk to them...
avertizmet we need lots of it word to mouth is extrimly efficent so tell all your friends and DO NOT SPAM tiping to search engines, news, site ect. it allowed by anyone

This file last modified Friday December 21, 2001
please cumment about every thing you want that has got some thing to do with this project here