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Game Data:

Ok this part will handel most of the program knowlage base all the game so I will tell you head a bit about the planed features so you will know what the program need to know (in other words what data we need to collect)
I admit me may get a little off the "match making" part becouse to allow singel player too becous its just one more colum so why not if it will becoume the bigest game data base let it if sites want to use it let them it's free open source work I say all help building and anyone can use yes I was thinking about getting cheats and reviews into it too but isn't review the place of the main game site and I never understode why cheat but I think we will leave that job for the players (if you disagree mail me) The plan is to support all the games that were ever created and to allow easy adding of new games
What do you mean by "ALL GAMES"?
Yes that a great imbison to support all the games that were ever created
1.All platforms/mechins yes including emulator games including dos, win32, mac, unix ect.
2.All game types
3.Web games too including web, java, flash ect.
4.All play modes including internet, local nets (every protacol),modem play, split screnn,singel player.
5.All game options on lunch such as selecting a map/level, setting your nick/colors/team ect.
Below is a sujested data base and I would like at least 10 ppl to commant on it before realy making it becouse remaking/changing a data base can be a realy hard job.
plz comment on this data base
mostly on adding stuff dont say its to mach it will be open for any one to use (other programs) and allow a lot fatchers on gmm besides we dont need all the into to add a game we can add it part by part but it will be very usfull we don't worry about space and we do not retrive all of it all the time just update and just for the supported platporms

//---------------games table------------------//
//bool=boolean meaning yes or no(not phisacly but idealy) int=standart number char(255)=STRING
name char(255),
file_to_run char(255),
verfing_file char(255), //a file the game can't work without added for not identifing only by exe name which may be repeated by another program
icon char(255),
game_offical_web_site char(255),
free bool,
where_to_download char(255),//if not free reforing to a demo

latest_version float
version_found_in_file char(255),//a text file where you can find the game version in

last_updated_on date, //used for client data base update insted of retriving all just retrive >= last local database update

//turn to tables?
creator char(255),
game_type char(255),
game_system char(255), //like win32,mac,dos,nes,web

//multiplayer pasible supported styles
ipx bool,
ip bool,
hotseat bool,

max_number_of_machins int,
max_number_of_players_on_machine int,


//-----------------parameters table (only retrive records of games found on curent computer)------------------//
game_id int,
always_add char(255),//parameter to always add on lunch
map char(255),
map_directory char(255),
map_options char(255),//look at the skill_options comments plus a *.map for any .map file in the map dir
join char(255),
host char(255),
dedicated_host char(255),
number_of_players char(255),//old games wanted to know in advance who many player there will be
port char(255),//needed?
deathmach char(255),
item_respawning char(255),
monster_respawning char(255),
skill char(255),
skill_options char(255),// skillname:sendtoapp;skillname:sendtoapp (ex: hard:3 meaning the skill name is hard but send "3")
nomonsters char(255),
nosound char(255),
record_demo char(255),
play_demo char(255),
time_limit char(255),//(in minutes for all games couse there is nothing other reasnable for games)
time_limit_max_lenght char(255),


This file last modified Friday December 21, 2001
please cumment about every thing you want that has got some thing to do with this project here