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Ok after considering all the prons and cons of every programming language c++ has been chosen for coding this project if you want an explenation why tell I just don't think it intersts most ppl
Notes on coding style:
* The fucose is on portebilty and maintebilty to write clear (not neccecry efficent)
* Comment every procedure and any logical part of a procedure
* NO numbers in code execpt 2 (some times a divide by 2 is needed increce by one is done by ++) use "#define" insted
* Const sould be all caps variables sould be all non caps
* More then one word as a name will be seperated by '_'
* All server names/numbers will be stored in an ini file called "confing.ini" that will be stored at the same directory as the exe if one does not exist it will create a defult one
Ok here are the things we need for sure:
A recursive procedure for scanning the hard drive for games assume you get a starting directory as a pointer to a string, assume you also get a pointer to an array of strings that containe the files of find (the file name includes extention)
An irc client (strip the interface)

This file last modified Friday December 21, 2001
please cumment about every thing you want that has got some thing to do with this project here