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This is the master server section:
My toughts are of making a master server for every game supporting join in and one for the non joing in (game lobbys)
becouse as I check out for example quake has some thing between 1000-2000 servers running at any given time so lets say we'll have only 10 games supporting join in the server will need to handel 10000-20000 servers I think thats too mach dont you?
so who will we know the right server for the game? I am thinking either a server of servers of tending to the secound idea of putting it in the database What do you think?
anyway we need to select a port...
we to define what the server can do and how to comunicate with it...
I am thinking the master server need to get the game info to save the game servers the bandwith of every client quering it but it increases demends on the server a lot. so sould we?
I think we sould define a protocal for future game server to use becouse there is not defined the only half stadert for game servers reprting is direct play which stink becouse it's giving very little info about the game! and to let them report changes directly to our server (or others)
I think we sould try to standernize a port or a port area(ex 20-30) for game servers
mybe we sould also define a protocal for publishing know about servers I have been thinking about it a lot it can be used in many areas and here to you ask a mechine for all the servers it knows serveing an x server(x will be the defualt port of the wanted servise but it will be alowed to return a result which includes other ports) so lets say I know a game server who's ip is I ask him to tell me about other game servers he know it will be very usefull for pepole (or cumpemys) running more then one server to annonce them easyly it can also be useed for site hosters and p2p filesharing + a lot more any one want to take this?(preporebly one that has writen a rfc)
thats all for now plz comment

This file last modified Friday December 21, 2001
please cumment about every thing you want that has got some thing to do with this project here