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Ok so we are doing a game match macking program sounds easy but if you think of it it is a big task so we'll devide it to the fallowing sub projects:(who is needed)

Game Data:

This is the part who needs to maintain the info about all the games the program will run!!!(mainly dealing around databases and also game info)

Master Server:

program that will supply info about games that are curently running and support join in.(client/server programing mostly)

Game cumunity:

they will define the cummunitacion between the users user registration msg ect.(communaction addministration)

GMM Client:

will use all of the above project to make a program that will let gamers meet and play games.(this is the main code section)

This file last modified Friday December 21, 2001
please cumment about every thing you want that has got some thing to do with this project here