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Ok a lot have replayed to the job posts but I think non have realy read about the project they all just hi I know this I know that I have expirence...
Stop bulshiting!
I am realy not intersted in what you do or do not know and where did you work that only interstes ppl that pay!
So what do I seek simple ppl that like the idea and want to help if you like the idea and want to help say it I am paying nothing so I do not expect propecinals it's open source damet it's about helping program you and doing stuff for others with no return (yes cherity work) if you are or are not on the list of "project members" is not importent at all! it's just formalty/birocracy belive me I will do my best to note anyone that helped...
What if I like the project but can't find anything to do that I know how?
Contact me I will give you something you can do if you want to help becouse for non selfish (I think some want it just for another line it there resume) you worth more then any on those "I have 10 years expirence in writing I have 10 year expirence" ppl

!NOTE : Dont even think about earning a dime at source forge as I said it's not what this place is about!

This file last modified Friday December 21, 2001
please cumment about every thing you want that has got some thing to do with this project here